Cebu: Mga Balak ug Musika

‘Mga Balak ug Musika’ is a get-together of music lovers, word players, and artists to celebrate the gift of music and creativity. It is a night not only produced to raise awareness and support for the children of remote islands, but also to gather educational supplies which will be beneficial to these young learners. It aims to gather in-kind support which will be used to jump start their future as the school year opens.

This event is a celebration of creativity and passion for the arts with one goal - gather donations for the beneficiaries; for the benefit of the children at Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu City.

Krazy Ventures recognizes this opportunity for us, as fortunate individuals, to become an outlet for change; thus, the birth of ‘Mga Balak ug Musika’.

Whacky Adventures* support this event. See you there!


For more information, please contact Niiru (09334183221) and Osang (09329343164)

Brgy Guba, Cebu: ..of hitchhiking, getting lost, and keeping an unfinished business.

Being corporate slaves, one cannot stop but count the days until the weekend. One looks forward to it as it gives them the opportunity to relieve all the stress in the 4 corners of the office and revive the much needed energy to deliver what is expected the following week. 

That has been our weekly routine - temporary escape from reality and feed the travel bug within, whether it'd be within city limits or out of town, as long as we get to flee from all bustles of the city living. In some instances, we go to a neighboring island of Cebu. That, happens when the travel fund's oozing with dough for us to spend. But in most cases where funds are low and time is constrained, we are left to improvise. 

Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu: ..of road trips, nature walks and chasing waterfalls.

In my effort to expose my son, Aqui, to the great outdoors, I always see to it that he goes with me on any of my spontaneous nature trips, as long as it's safe of course. I'm doing this because I don't want him to spend majority of his childhood in front of the computer playing video games, or by the television watching cartoons all day. I want him to grow up with a memory of how beautiful the great outdoors is and how amazing Cebu is, if only people would take better care of it.

Whacky Photo: Enchanting Kawasan Falls, Badian

First of the multi-level (series of) Kawasan Falls, Badian has.

Badian, Cebu houses the most famous Kawasan Falls, a series of water drop. The multi-level Kawasan Falls is also considered the most popular tourist destination in the province. It is located about 97.6 km southwest of Cebu City.

Whacky Photo: Cebu's highest peak - Osmeña Peak, Mantalongon, Dalaguete

...view on top.
Osmeña Peak, located between Patong, Badian and Mantalongon, Dalaguete, is considered the highest peak of the island of Cebu at 1,013 MASL. The panoramic view up top showcases Badian's Zaragosa Island to the west, the Province of Bohol to the east, and rolling hills and ridges along the boundaries of Dalaguete and Badian. It was named, perhaps, after one of the most influential political families in Cebu - the Osmeña's.

Surfing at Northshore Cebu. Hecksyeah!

Nestled in the heart of the Visayas, Cebu has not been graced with consistent surfable waves unlike the ones in La Union, Samar, Leyte, Aurora, Zambales, Davao, Ilocos, Catanduanes, Surigao, and many more. A Cebuano must therefore travel either north or south if he wishes to surf. However, this challenge hasn’t stop me from wanting to ride and conquer the waves.

Mt. Manaphag a.k.a Pan de Azucar and the islands of Concepcion, Iloilo

Mt. Manaphag a.k.a Pan de Azucar
The Iloilo-Guimaras trip was about to reach a big finish but we couldn't let it pass without getting a good look of Pan de Azucar. Plus, I still have an unfinished business with Sandbar Island Beach Resort as I have not gotten any peak of the bed of corals. We were still hopeful though, hoping that there's something good in store for us before we head home to Cebu. So, off we go to location # 2.1 before we finally give this trip a close.

Sandbar Island Beach Resort, Concepcion, Iloilo Sidetrip: search for the bed of corals

After a roller coaster of emotions at Guimaras, we we're still hopeful that there's something good in store for us before we head home. Off we go to location # 2.1 before we finally close this chapter of our trip and head on back to Cebu.

We passed by a plaza on our way to Jordan Port. We were so amazed by this unique Rizal Monument. We couldn't help but stop for a quick group picture. The difference? Let the picture speak for itself.

With the oh-so tanned Rizal.
It was about 10:00 AM when we reached Iloilo Proper. I read somewhere that Iloilo's known for their batchoy. We couldn't pass that chance to pig out and try the famous Ted's Batchoy. (Only to find out weeks after that Ted's has a branch in Cebu. lol)

Kabang Falls, Cebu: River trekking and building memories with the kiddo

As a dad, I see myself growing up as a person filled with memories with his kid wandering off together on adventures. Likewise, I want Aqui to grow up having fond memories of the outdoors together with me (during my prime, that is). That is why, as much as possible, I bring the kiddo to places which I thought he would appreciate when he grows up.  I don't want him to grow as a naive technology-dependent kid but rather, a wide-minded nature lover. So, with a bag full of trail goodies and loads of researched stock knowledge on flora and fauna, we set off on guided adventures to build memories. Lesgo! To river trekking we go!

1 of 365: A fresh outlook for 2013

I originally planned to make a year-end post of the things that happened in 2012. But considering my backlogs, I felt like it would be best that I save those pictures for the future. 2012 was a year of ups and downs. It was a challenging year for my career, what with the turn of events in the later part of the year, brought about my decision to leave a wonderful company. Regardless, it was still a year worth celebrating. 

As I look back, I couldn't help but smile at my (our) adventures (misadventures). These memories serve as lessons in life and stand as an evidence that a chapter in life was spent taking risks and believing in people.

Now jobless, broke and temporarily experiencing financial drought, I look ahead and see a challenging 2013. Challenging in a sense that there are a lot of planned trips which entails funding. I am not a luxury traveler but money is required to set these plans into action. I don't see myself jobless until the end of the first quarter though. Resilience is a value I hold dearly. I will stand back up, gather the pieces and travel further.

2013 is a challenge, a year that would test my values and initiative. Needless to say, it's a year full of excitement and things unknown. I am a person in pursuit of happiness which involves having to sword fight with the unknown. Most people are afraid of the unknown but not me. I don't fear them, I see those moments as opportunities to test myself. 

I am a person in pursuit of HAPPINESS. I am a person who makes it happen. And I will make 2013 my year. Booyeah!

Travel on adventures junkies!

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