Headware Lifestyle Photo Contest EXTENDED!

Ever since I stumbled upon these babies 2 years ago, I was instantaneously hooked. These babies have been my travel buddy ever since. My friends have them too.

And so when I read about the HeadWare happyheads photo contest, I thought, 'Why have I not heard of this before?!' I thought I was too late but when I found that they extended the contest, I almost fell off of my seat. Immediately, I dug up all the pictures I took with our travel buddy on and took the leap to join the contest. 

Iloilo-Guimaras Hullabaloo [Teaser]

Soundtrack: Starship
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Cast: Rhyzze, Tabian, Pia, Osang, Niiru, Kaye, Jen, Adrian, Whacky Adventures*

LSS na kung LSS. The moment one of my travel buddies sang the song while we were still at Mactan Internation Airport, it instantly itch itself into my consciousness. We  I can't seem to brush that damn song out of my head. So what to do to fight LSS? Create a music video! Props to my travel buddies for being good sports. :]


Check out the video we made just to stop that damn Nicki Minaj from ringing in our heads. Talk about LSS. 

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