Cebu: Mga Balak ug Musika

‘Mga Balak ug Musika’ is a get-together of music lovers, word players, and artists to celebrate the gift of music and creativity. It is a night not only produced to raise awareness and support for the children of remote islands, but also to gather educational supplies which will be beneficial to these young learners. It aims to gather in-kind support which will be used to jump start their future as the school year opens.

This event is a celebration of creativity and passion for the arts with one goal - gather donations for the beneficiaries; for the benefit of the children at Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu City.

Krazy Ventures recognizes this opportunity for us, as fortunate individuals, to become an outlet for change; thus, the birth of ‘Mga Balak ug Musika’.

Whacky Adventures* support this event. See you there!


For more information, please contact Niiru (09334183221) and Osang (09329343164)

Brgy Guba, Cebu: ..of hitchhiking, getting lost, and keeping an unfinished business.

Being corporate slaves, one cannot stop but count the days until the weekend. One looks forward to it as it gives them the opportunity to relieve all the stress in the 4 corners of the office and revive the much needed energy to deliver what is expected the following week. 

That has been our weekly routine - temporary escape from reality and feed the travel bug within, whether it'd be within city limits or out of town, as long as we get to flee from all bustles of the city living. In some instances, we go to a neighboring island of Cebu. That, happens when the travel fund's oozing with dough for us to spend. But in most cases where funds are low and time is constrained, we are left to improvise. 

Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu: ..of road trips, nature walks and chasing waterfalls.

In my effort to expose my son, Aqui, to the great outdoors, I always see to it that he goes with me on any of my spontaneous nature trips, as long as it's safe of course. I'm doing this because I don't want him to spend majority of his childhood in front of the computer playing video games, or by the television watching cartoons all day. I want him to grow up with a memory of how beautiful the great outdoors is and how amazing Cebu is, if only people would take better care of it.

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