Brgy Guba, Cebu: ..of hitchhiking, getting lost, and keeping an unfinished business.

Being corporate slaves, one cannot stop but count the days until the weekend. One looks forward to it as it gives them the opportunity to relieve all the stress in the 4 corners of the office and revive the much needed energy to deliver what is expected the following week. 

That has been our weekly routine - temporary escape from reality and feed the travel bug within, whether it'd be within city limits or out of town, as long as we get to flee from all bustles of the city living. In some instances, we go to a neighboring island of Cebu. That, happens when the travel fund's oozing with dough for us to spend. But in most cases where funds are low and time is constrained, we are left to improvise. 

It was going to be like any regular Saturday for the Beachbums, except we don't have any destination in mind and it's one of those times when we're all 'hanging-by-the-moment'. TRANSLATIONS: [Cebuano: tingbitay kay layo pa ang sweldo][Filipinopetsa de peligro or critical wallet day][English: zero, nil, zilch on travel fund]. Although we don't have the financial strength, we were still eager to get these feet somewhere. But how? 

With nothing but pocketful of personality, we go HITCH HIKE. Hellsyeah!

Timecheck: 9:00AM++. We only have a few more hours to get the travel itch healed. We couldn't afford to hitch hike beyond the city as it would entail more time. So we decided to go to the nearest waterfalls accessible by modern transportation - Linaw Falls in Brgy Guba, Cebu City.

For us, it's always the journey, not the destination. We're not too particular on destinations, although it could really add to the excitement of travelling.

I have been there back when I was still in highschool but how to get there seems blurry to me because of the years that passed. It was then up to all of us, through our people skills, to locate the said  waterfalls.

I've been hitchhiking since highschool. The fact that one has to leave it up to chance and the goodness of people thrilled me. Niiru Bulingit has been doing it ever since he could remember. Up until now, he still does it, for the heck of it. In fact, he organized his styles in this entry - Walang Pamasahe Tips!

Just keep walkin'. Just keep walkin'.
We rode a jeepney bound for the drop-off point at Brgy Pit-os, Cebu City. This was to be where we start the venture (or our luck). From the terminal, we walked for some 1km++ then started waving hands for the vehicles passing by. With the final destination in mind (Brgy Guba), we tried our luck gazillion times until a few Samaritans actually gave us a chance.

Since we didn't have any idea how to get there, we had to ask for directions from locals. A bit risky, I should say, because they might point us to the wrong way. But it was that a day for doubting, it was a day for us to trust the inner goodness of people. And yes, they did not fail us.

A view on the way to the bridge.

Timecheck: 2:00PM++. After about a 2km trek on asphalted road, we finally arrived on the bridge. This was to be our starting point for our river trek all the way to Linaw waterfalls

We went down the bridge and decided to trace the river. A local told us to hurry and not push through if it got late as the waterfall and river have spirits that take unwelcomed visitors. #goosebumps

 We took a quick huddle as there's a pending time constraint issue and a matter of gastronomical proportions. In short, we haven't eaten our lunch. We dropped the chit-chat, and dugon to our humble lunch.

We deliberated quite well as to how we are going to proceed. We wanted to see the waterfalls, that was the whole point of the trip. On the other hand, it was getting a bit darker. We couldn't afford finding ourselves in the middle of the trail without lights. It would have also defeated the purpose of pushing on to searching for the waterfalls. 

With heavy but hopeful spirits, we decided to call it a day and travel on back to the city.

We went back the same way we came in - through hitchhiking.

Although, we weren't able to find the waterfalls, the whole trip wasn't, at all, a waste. We realized that there ARE still so many good people out there; that even if they knew so little about us, they were willing to pause and extend a hand to assist us in our journey. And that, was our whole take away for that day's event. So little yet so profound. ^___^

Photo credits to: Tabian. Thanks!

Whacky* Notes:
How to get to the drop-off point for Linaw Waterfalls, Brgy Guba Cebu City.

  1. From Cebu City, ride a jeepney bound for Brgy Pit-os, Cebu City. It usually has a code 62B or 62C on it. Drop-off at the terminal.
  2. Hail a local motorcycle for hire, or locally known as habal-habal, and ask the driver to drop-off you of at Linaw bridge.
  3. At the Linaw bridge, ask locals for directions or simply, follow through the river extension.

Transportation (Jeepney ride from Cebu City to Brgy Pit-os Drop-off Point) = 13.00 pesos each
Lunch = 50.00 pesos each
Snacks = 28.00 pesos

Whacky* Thoughts:
In most of my trip, I make sure that there's always a reason why I will go back to that place. I do not make it a habit to visit all the spots in one setting. I want to picture out a place with mystery; that although I have been there, there's still something left for me to uncover for my next visit.


  1. Laagana gyud nimo :-) And yes, there are still many good people around.

  2. nice :) you seem like a very happy bunch of people. it's nice to have friends who are regularly traveling with you :)


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