A'wannabe at Cebu Blog Camp Season 3!

Ever since I decided to blog, I've always dreamed of being part of an event where I can meet other bloggers to create connections and learn from their experiences. I think it would be a humbling experience to listen to seasoned bloggers discuss topics and styles to inspire more creative inputs.
These are just a few of the rings I've thought off when I stumbled upon the post of one of the travel bloggers I follow, The Travelling Feet, regarding the registration of  Cebu Blog Camp. I've never been to the camp but I heard about how it can be really fun and educational at the same time. I'm really excited at the thought of this opportunity to learn from other bloggers and experts' point of view. ^___________^

Guimaras: of sweet mangoes and good laughs at Guisi Lighthouse.

All roads lead to...
After a few 'Me' time at Trappist Monastery and Balaan Bukid, our tummies were starting to mumble and rumble like a concert symphony. It sounded more like there was some entity about to start a revolution. So before we could get to the next tourist attraction, we needed to get some quick stop overs to tame down the beasts within.

Guimaras: Balaan Bukid Shrine

PitStop 2: Balaan Bukid Shrine

After feasting on the delicacies made by the Trappist monks and getting a short me-time with Daddy Jess, we proceeded with our next destination - Balaan Bukid Shrine.

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