Headware Lifestyle Photo Contest EXTENDED!

Ever since I stumbled upon these babies 2 years ago, I was instantaneously hooked. These babies have been my travel buddy ever since. My friends have them too.

And so when I read about the HeadWare happyheads photo contest, I thought, 'Why have I not heard of this before?!' I thought I was too late but when I found that they extended the contest, I almost fell off of my seat. Immediately, I dug up all the pictures I took with our travel buddy on and took the leap to join the contest. 

The contest mechanics are simple. You just have to share how Headware made you happy and stamp a photo! It's that easy! The contest is extended until September 15.

Here are some of the past pictures I took wit' the HeadwareZzz on. 

..en route to the next whacky adventures* 

Sleeping like a baby on the way to Camotes Island.

..from Sea 

Headware also helps keep all the hair out of the way for picture taking.

Headware keeps eating hassle-free and hair-free. Stopover during our Concepcion Iloilo Island Hopping.

Fashion Accessory. Summit,

Protection from the cold.

That Whacky Shot*
Smiling with my eyes. Thanks Headware!

always a Happyhead.

Lakas maka-product endorser!

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