1 of 365: A fresh outlook for 2013

I originally planned to make a year-end post of the things that happened in 2012. But considering my backlogs, I felt like it would be best that I save those pictures for the future. 2012 was a year of ups and downs. It was a challenging year for my career, what with the turn of events in the later part of the year, brought about my decision to leave a wonderful company. Regardless, it was still a year worth celebrating. 

As I look back, I couldn't help but smile at my (our) adventures (misadventures). These memories serve as lessons in life and stand as an evidence that a chapter in life was spent taking risks and believing in people.

Now jobless, broke and temporarily experiencing financial drought, I look ahead and see a challenging 2013. Challenging in a sense that there are a lot of planned trips which entails funding. I am not a luxury traveler but money is required to set these plans into action. I don't see myself jobless until the end of the first quarter though. Resilience is a value I hold dearly. I will stand back up, gather the pieces and travel further.

2013 is a challenge, a year that would test my values and initiative. Needless to say, it's a year full of excitement and things unknown. I am a person in pursuit of happiness which involves having to sword fight with the unknown. Most people are afraid of the unknown but not me. I don't fear them, I see those moments as opportunities to test myself. 

I am a person in pursuit of HAPPINESS. I am a person who makes it happen. And I will make 2013 my year. Booyeah!

Travel on adventures junkies!


  1. Make it happen whacks! :) Kayod 2013 = more travels!

  2. God bless kuya on your search for a job! Hope to see you soon =)

    1. salamat pre. I'll say Hi when I see you around. \m/


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