Kabang Falls, Cebu: River trekking and building memories with the kiddo

As a dad, I see myself growing up as a person filled with memories with his kid wandering off together on adventures. Likewise, I want Aqui to grow up having fond memories of the outdoors together with me (during my prime, that is). That is why, as much as possible, I bring the kiddo to places which I thought he would appreciate when he grows up.  I don't want him to grow as a naive technology-dependent kid but rather, a wide-minded nature lover. So, with a bag full of trail goodies and loads of researched stock knowledge on flora and fauna, we set off on guided adventures to build memories. Lesgo! To river trekking we go!

Kaye at a plantation of flowers (I forgot the name. Dammit.)
Being a would-be trying-hard aspiring emerging mountaineer, the river trek along the Budlaan River has been a staple trail for recreational trekking. Apart from all the sights on the sidelights, there are multiple water drops that could be a venue for relaxation, reflection and muscle-wrecking exercise. This has been a constant go-to for Cebuano mountaineers and enthusiasts because of the easy access.
A quick photo before the sweaty ordeal commenced.
It was a bit gloomy when Bulingit, Abriella, Tabian, Kaye, Jen, Neo, Mark of TripTaBai, Aqui and me started to pave out way through the boulders going to our mid final destination - Kabang Falls. Mid-final because we planned to continue walking until we exit at La Tegola, near Cebu Tops (Cebu's attraction overlooking the city).

I could have sworn, I've used up all my ninjitsu (nerd.) trying to wrestle my way over the boulders with Aqui. It was his safety which concerned us the most so we were extra careful in choosing the trail. It was a huge help that I have friends who genuinely cared (cares) about Aqui, though a bit tired themselves. All for the sake of exposing a kid to the outdoors. Hoh! Glad I have uber supportive travel buddies.

foreground: Abriella -- background: Bulingit, at a small water drop.
Neo, on his practice trek, for a coming major climb.
Budlaan River wasn't just a test run for would-be outdoor enthusiasts as locals also had established it as recreational venue.
A group of young locals beating the heat of the sun.
On the way to Kabang Falls, while river trekking, we had encountered rocky hurdles, gargantuan boulders, murky pools, slow flowing streams and many water drops. We had to crawl, leap, move slowly, run and laugh on the side. We did all those and never have I heard any complains from Aqui. #ProudDaddy

Stop over 1.
Stop over 2.

Stop over 3.
Oh yesssssss.. (Had to catch my breath) We're almost there.

Kabang Falls at Abriella's background. 

Another water fall before we finally touch base. Yes, that's Kabang Falls at the background. #Baskilmuch


And the highlight of the river trek...
Ladies and Gentlemen, Kabang Falls.

Stop over 4.
Aqui exploring the waters.
We moved on after a quick stop at the majestic Kabang Falls. We decided not to swim as it was starting to pour down. We didn't want to get caught in a flash flood or something.
The challenging way up, going to the next trail.
It started to drizzle so Xuxu (my camera) had to get sealed on a waterproof bag as she is aquaphobic. She finally got a chance to capture what's left of our faces after about an hour of moderate showers and almost getting lost in the trail. But then it rained AGAIN, so off she went to the bag.
Stop over @#%*

But we did it! We finally made it out of the maze. I couldn't help but flash a beaming and proud smile as I saw Aqui running around while there I was, barely able to walk any further. :)

So happy. So damn happy. \m/
We got off the trail and got on to the highway by the entrance of Cebu Zipline. It was already 6:00PM++ when we finished the trek. After stopping by a food stand and recounting the whole trek, we headed home dead tired with beat up muscles, but with smiles more than that of a million dollar winner. #HeavyExaggeration

Whacky* Notes:

1. Starting Point: Sunny Hills Subdivision Gate, Talamban. With supplies and trekking gears on, ride a cab or 13C/13B/62C/62B Jeepney or any jeepney headed to Talamban, and ask the driver to drop you off the said subdivision.

2. At the gate, hail a habal-habal or motorcycle. Ask the driver to take you to Sitio Baugo and fare was 25 pesos per person. It's also helpful to tell them that you're going to Kabang Falls. That way, they can drop you off at the drop-off point.

3. If you forgot to buy supplies, there are stores by Sitio Baugo where you can either replenish or stock on before starting the trek. The tricky part is the trail. Though there's an established trail going to the falls, if you don't have a guide, it's best to ask locals for directions.

You might want to check these posts as they're really helpful in giving you an idea of what to see on the way.


Food = Free. Brought lunch packs.
Transportation [House-Sunny Hills] = 15.00
Transportation [Sunny Hills-Baugo] = 60.00 -- paid for Aqui too.
Experience = Priceless.

Whacky* Thoughts:

20 years from now, I will look back at this moment with Aqui (at his 20's), pat his back and congratulate him for river trekking with his old man at such a young age. By then, I might not have the energy to do this kind of outdoor activity anymore, so I want him to be proud that once in his life, when he was still a tadpole, he did something crazy like this with his Dad. I want him to remember how beautiful and wonderful it is in the outdoors because I'm not sure if Kabang Falls or Budlaan River would still be as clean as it is now. That's why I'm exposing him to all these natural beauties as early as possible, whether he can appreciate it now or not, and take as much pictures so he can look back and proudly say, I did this with my Dad. \m/


  1. Good job Aqui! And good job daddy!

  2. Silver hills? isn't it sunny hills? lalala lala.. good job aqui!

    i know i know... my house is pretty far (To Aqui)

    1. Edited. Salamat sa correction bulingit! eehehe

  3. Great story and great that you're bringing your kid with you! Really better for these youngsters not to be dependent to technology. Thanks for the guide, will refer to this post if I might plan on getting a quick waterfalls-fix. kaya lang isolo trip noh?

    1. Not a problem Ed. Kaya kaayo kay established ra man ang trail, but you might need to ask locals for the exact route. :D

  4. Di ko kinaya ang "So happy. So damn happy. \m/" picture nyo! Haha

    Yaaaay kay bagets na gumagala na!

    1. naman! ehehe manang-mana kay daddy nya si bagets, lakwatsero din. ehehhee

  5. Gandaaa... #chasingwaterfalls lagi ang drama ko. Sayang at hindi ako nakapunta rito nung nagCebu ako. Pagbalik ko, guide mo kami dito ah? hehe! Astig ng mga kiddos mo...

    1. Salamat Gelai, sure thing. Basta txt mo ko, ha??? :D

  6. Dakua nas imong anak wacky oh... soon to be laagan jud ni wakz

  7. wow! nice trek tborz! congrats to you and to aqui! i wonder if natagam ang bata or ganahan pa mousab for more adventures like this. hehehe.

    1. Mas naganahan! Liwat gyud ning bataa, liwat! ehehehe


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