Surfing at Northshore Cebu. Hecksyeah!

Nestled in the heart of the Visayas, Cebu has not been graced with consistent surfable waves unlike the ones in La Union, Samar, Leyte, Aurora, Zambales, Davao, Ilocos, Catanduanes, Surigao, and many more. A Cebuano must therefore travel either north or south if he wishes to surf. However, this challenge hasn’t stop me from wanting to ride and conquer the waves.

Although Cebu surf is rare, it is not impossible. In some rare events, a whirl of mystical conspiracy makes the waves in Cebu big and strong enough for someone to walk on water. That, my friends, is when a low pressure or, worst, a typhoon is hovering over the island. 

My surfboard's logo. Meet BOKNOY.

I met Paul and Mac from Speedwalk Cebu when I was planning to buy me a surf board. I found out that they have shaping boards for 7 years. I didn't know that time that there were local shapers in Cebu as I thought that surf was a necessity not so common here, because of the aforementioned. You see, one must go to Argao (about 3 hours from the city) or Minglanilla (1 hour) if one wanted to test the waters. I was very fortunate because they brought me to their secret spot. I'm afraid I'm in no position to disclose the location but these beach bums (slash) surfers call it - NORTHSHORE.

Since then we have surfed through typhoon Pablo, the low pressure days during Christmas season, New Year and early 2013. The waves were unpredictable but the stoke sure was unlimited.

Osang hesitant at first but ended up riding the waves.

Nagel abangers looking out for the waves.

Paul, santa surfer. 

 Mac, walking on water.

 Like a little kid on the beach, Bulingit uber stoked.

Poser. Boknoy, my green surfboard.

 As you can see, the smile says it all. Solb!


  1. Like a little kid on the beach! with the raptors jersey from you since i don't have a rush guard yet. Hahaha. but wait there's more. i know you like my new rush guard. wahahahha

  2. Pasuya nasad kas imong new rashguard? :P

  3. hahaha, sigi ra'g huwat og bagyo ig habagat :P

    shux i wanna i wanna i wanna surf.

    pero cebu is in the middle of the philippines, shielded from big waves from either pacific or south china sea. hayy..

    1. Correct! That's the challenge. Kung may bagyo lang ta ani. :D


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