Bicol Express Day 2: Arya! Dolphin sightings on the way to Sorsogon

Day 2. April 26, 2012. 5:00+AM. Masbate City Port.
Touchdown Masbate City!
after 11++ hours
grabe kung maka-smoke belching tong transasia oh. tsktsk.
Like people on airplanes, this is just our connecting flight. We need to board another boat from Masbate to the next destination - Sorsogon.

Masbate is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region. It lies at the center of the Philippine archipelago between latitudes 11°43’ north and 123°09’ east and 124°5’ east; bounded on the north by Burias and Ticao Pass, east by San Bernardino Strait, south by the Visayan Sea, and west by the Sibuyan Sea. ---from Wikipedia 

I couldn't say anything much about Masbate as we were there for about an hour and a half. However, I noticed that there were not that many porters harassing passengers huddling over passengers nor that much trashes floating off the waters. It was a peaceful and clean port, I should say. From it, you can get an idea of how calm and easy-breezy the province must have been.

We immediately went to the ticketing office to buy the tickets to Pilar, Sorsogon, only to find out that we missed the first trip. First trips left at 4:00AM and 5:30AM. The next available trips were 11:00AM and 12:30PM. Dismayed, we agreed to just wait for the next trip. While thinking for better options, Riz and Glaire approached one of the vendors to ask for directions. As per the locals, there are numerous big outtriger boats bound for Pilar, Sorsogon. We just need to be by the docking area and wait.

Off we go to the docking area to try our luck. Alas! We noticed people started to swarm in the area. Confirmed! An outtrigger for Pilar is on its way.
Glaire candid nga diba? #photofail
'di baleng gutom, 'wag lang mawala ang poise.

Time Check: 6:00AM. Breakfast: Coffee, Boiled Egg, Biscuits. 
Masbate City Port - Pilar, Sorsogon
Estimated Travel Time: 4+ hours

Time Check: 7:00AM
Off to Sorsogon, we go!

crispy lechon skin. #tomjones
I was busy trying to finish the Bob Ong book along the way when I heard people howling, jeering and clapping. To my amazement, there in the horizon were fins raising up and down the water surface. Dolphins!! We saw about 5 sets of dolphins in groups. I was like a child on Christmas, as I couldn't stop talking and laughing with excitement. Pasensya't first time po ng inyong lingkod na makakita ng dolphins. Sobrang naging excited kaya nakalimutang kumuha ng litrato. I was too busy being amazed that I forgot I'm holding a camera! Dang!

Nasobraan kasi sa excitement eh.
They say that it could be rough on some days but today was particularly special. I noticed that the waters were calm. It was like a on a floater in a swimming pool.

The boat ride to Pilar, Sorsogon was itself like a tour. We saw hidden shorelines, stunning rock formations and free scenic view of Masbate's coastal spots.

Somewhere between Masbate and Sorsogon. Anybody knows the name of these islands?

After the dolphin and island showcase, it was all open sea. The girls took that opportunity to take a quick nap to charge up, but gave an assignment. I, on the other hand, though would like some shut eye, decided to just finish my book and enjoyed the ride. With the wind in my face and the sun's warmth on my skin, it was almost perfect. Beer nalang ang kulang. Chill na chill na. lol

staying put. assignment: on the look-out for that something  interesting.
A book, a temple run high score and a few butt action [to fight the numbness] after, we arrived on our stop-over. be continued.

Whacky Notes: [EXPENSES]
Breakfast [coffee, biscuits, junk] - 90.00 / 3 = 30.00
Terminal Fee - 0.00


  1. ayos!!! may expenses at iba pa :D

  2. aha beautiful!!! I love how you actually posted a breakdown of your expenses! kudos.

    ohh oyu might consider swimming with the dolphins? checxk my post here

  3. @bino: eheehehe para kompleto na talaga. :]

    @wander shugah: i'd love to swim with dolphins! definitely on my bucketlist. :]

  4. haha sayang walang pictures, don't worry ganyan din reaction ko lagi pag nakakakita ng dolphins hehe


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