Caramoan West Peninsula Villas

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April 27, 2012. 10:30++ PM. 

happy as can bee. ^____^

Prior to our trip, we scoured the internet for a good place to stay but not heavy on the pocket. It was advantageous to book near Paniman Beach as that is the drop off point for the island hopping. But Paniman is a bit far from Centro which might be challenging for us considering that we're planning to eat out on friendly-priced restos. With that said, Riz narrowed the search and found the perfect place for us to stay - West Peninsula Villas.

We originally planned to call for reservation but decided not to. I was too lazy to contact them. :] Luckily, they were able to accommodate our walk-in request.

Bums in the open area, with billiards table in the background.
Caramoan West Peninsula Villa  is comprised of cozy cabanas made of anahaw and nipa. Though it has the native feel to it, the cabanas are made of concrete. Each one is clean and well-maintain; has a hot and cold shower, air-conditioning and toilet fit for a guest.

The villa is located some 5 minutes from the Centro, the center of the town. It's situated at the end of a small one way uncemented [it can get muddy when it rains] road. Just tell the tricycle driver you're planning to stay at West Pen. They'll be more than happy to bring you there.

[left] our shelter.

Surviror relics.
Receiving Area, Survivor's tribal council style.
Polynesian-inspired tiki statue with a real tiki god on the right. :]
They have a open area where guests can chill or party at night, an open-air dining area, a mini bar, small pool table, a swimming pool and a bar tucked near the swimming pool exclusive for guests. You can also ask them to cook any food that you want if you don’t find it on their menu. Plus, coffee and mineral water are free! I know, I know, most resorts offer those. But sorry, this is the first time I had free coffee and mineral water since, ahm, ever! #loser

open-air dining area.
The Lake Bar. WPV's night spot.
According to the staff, whenever there's an on-going Survivor taping, they house the overflow of guest and crews if Gota Village Resort cannot accomodate them. Thus explains the decors that looked like they came from one of the challenges off of Survivor. Amongst the Survivor franchise they have catered to are Survivor Israel, France, Slovania and India.

The place has a vacation feel to it. Every corner has a piece that has a perfect blend of native and modern design truly a home away from home...but with a twist. 

Whacky Adventures* recommends:  WEST PENINSULA VILLAS

Whacky Notes: [EXPENSES]
3 days-2 nights accommodation = 2589 / 3 = 863.00 each

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  1. the place looked really really nice. I love the native touch to every structure of the resort. this post is really helpful for those whod love to visit west pen.


  2. very helpful, and the place looks really nice for its price

  3. Wow! All the images are looking superb thanks a lot for the sharing.

  4. Caramoan looks very promising. I should plan a trip there too. Great post and welcome to PTB!


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