Sea to Summit: Caramoan Island to Mayon Volcano

Bicol Express: Day 5. April 29, 2012. 9:00+AM. 
Goodbye Caramoan. Hello Mayon Volcano.

It was time to leave Caramoan and proceed to the next destination in our Bicol Express trip. It was with a heavy heart that we checked out of West Penn Villas but like life, we must continue to move forward.  #emoterongpalaka. We left with a promise to be back into Caramoan's loving arms, the soonest possible time.

Timecheck: 8:30AM. We arrived at Guijalo Port but totally missed the boat ride bound for Sabang Port. The next trip was 12:00 noon. We can't wait that long. The option was to take an alternate route going back to Naga; that is via Nato Port. Boarded the next RO-RO bound for Nato Port, Sagnay CamSur.
Time Check: 09:00AM ++.
Guijalo Port, Caramoan - Nato Port, Sagnay
Estimated Travel Time: 4++ hours

Time Check: 12:00PM ++.
Touchdown Nato Port!

Time Check: 12:00AM ++.
Nato Port, Sagnay - Naga Bus Terminal
Travel Time: 1++ hour

 As soon as we disembarked the RORO Shuttle boat, the green Florencia Liner bus was already waiting for us to board. Rode the bus line bound for Naga City, our quick pit stop to our next destination.

Time Check: 1:30PM ++.
Touchdown Naga City Bus Terminal!

From Point A [Sabang Port] to Point B [Nato Port] to Point C [Bus Terminal], SM Naga is situated across Naga Bus Terminal. Isang tumbling and dalawang jump shot ang makalipas, we found our way in one of the fast food chain and quickly filled our tummy for another road trip ahead. Across the mall, Naga South Bound Van and Jeepney Terminal is going point C from our connect-the-dot-to-the-next-destination road trip - Legazpi, Albay.

Time Check: 2:30PM ++.
Naga South Bound Van and Jeepney Terminal  - Legazpi Grand Central Terminal
Travel Time: 3++ hours

Proudly watching over us on our way to Legazpi are towering mounds of volcanic rock. I'm just not sure if it is Mayon or Isarog that's towering over the province. I can't help but stare in amazement. I could only imagine how astonishing it must have been to climb those mountains. What with all the rugged terrain, diverse flora and fauna, and sublime view in the peak.

Time Check: 6:00PM ++.
Touchdown Legazpi Grand Central Terminal!

It was dusk when we arrived in Legazpi. We stopped at a convenience store to grab some snacks. I approached a tricycle driver and asked if he could bring us to Sampaguita Inn. He was happy to but the fare going there was too expensive - 300 pesos for ride. Puff! So we decided to commute going there. Daddy Jess really works his magic in times like this because he blessed us with another good Samaritan. We approached  a security guard to ask directions and she gladly walked us through the rides. But it turned out she leaves near the inn, so we asked her if we could tag along. The innn was just a few blocks from the terminal. Therefore, instead of spending, we took the long walk to the inn. 
Thou shall not be fooled by the exterior.
Sampaguita Inn offers low-rate affordable accommodation perfect for backpackers and budget travelers. It's along Rizal St and is hard to miss because of the funeral homes located near it. But personally, I won't recommend the place. The room was smelly; felt like they were poisoning as with moth balls.  The restroom/bathroom do not look or smell clean at all. We were tip-toeing around the room and uneasy with how unsanitary our room looked and felt like. We told the receptionist but she really didn't do anything about it. Good thing we had sleeping bags. At least we got roof on our heads, plus we really didn't pay much for the room. Definitely not the place for you if you're looking for a comfortable place to stay.

We initially planned to go out on a night city tour but decided to wing it instead. It was a long day and we still had Caramoan in our heads.

Bicol Express: Day 6. April 30, 2012. 6:00+AM. 
Lignon Hill, Legazpi, Albay

It was still misty when we got out of the inn. Everything was still in slow motion as establishments are still closed. Even Mayon Volcano, at a distant, is still hiding over her blanket of clouds.

As the sun was still on it's way to greet the world, we decided to head for higher grounds to witness Mayon's magnificent showcase.

Lignon Hill Nature Park is owned by the Provincial Government of Albay. The view deck portion of which was assigned to the City of Legazpi Government for management. In July 31, 2010, the said portion was privatized by the virtue of a Memorandum of Agreement between City Government of Legazpi, represented by Mayor Noel Rosal, and JEDI Property Management, represented by its owner Joseph Eric O. Diaz. [credits to the sign on the entrance.]

The park includes nature trails, ziplines, picnic grounds, and view decks.  It also houses the office and monitoring station of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) station where any activities of Mayon are monitored.

LIGNON HILL TUNNEL. Japanese-built World War II Tunnel.
The Japanese assault made a beachhead in Legazpi on December 12, 1941. This tunnel was made as holding or storage area for ammunitions during their occupation on the City and its environs. Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there. Apparently, we were too early. :]

Meet Tope, the guardian of the tunnel.

KAPIT TUKO TRAIL (Lizard Grip Trail)
This is a strikingly steep trail that serves as a shortcut to the summit. If you feel like challenging yourself, then by all means try it. :] Lemme know how it went.
Challenge accepted. Not! We took the regular road.
Lignon Hill also serves as a training ground for athletes, mountaineers, runners or anybody who wants to improve their stamina and endurance. It serves as a good venue to lose some pounds.

The view half-way.

They say the hike to the peak was a good 15-minute walk. I think we finished it at 25-30 minutes. You see, we were too busy fooling around, laughing our hearts out, and stopping for a quick rest to appreciate the view. Yes, it was a painful 30 degrees++ trek but the view was worth every sweat.
As soon as we approach the final curve, we were greeted by a cloudless Mayon Volcano. It was like she was just waiting for us to arrive. 

caption this.
ay naku, si ate. #photobomb.

View on top.


With a view like this, would you still complain about the exhausting walk you had?
If you feel like really being one with nature with the view of the grandiose Mayon Volcano while enjoying a snack, head on a little further and you'd find yourself in a forest-like picnic ground.

Despite the draining walk to the top, the panorama of Mayon Volcano would surely brush those sweats away.

It just goes to show that even with on trying times, there's always a break in the clouds. #that'slife be continued.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn
Rizal St., Legazpi Port District, Legazpi
(052) 480-6258 | (052) 480-186

Whacky Notes: [EXPENSES]
Sampaguita Inn Accommodation = 900.00 / 3 = 300.00
Sampaguita Inn to Lignon Hill via tricycle = 70.00 / 3 = 23.00 each
Tricycle [West Penn Villas to Guijalo Port, Caramoan] = 50.00 each
Shuttle Ferry [ Guijalo Port, Caramoan to Nato Port, Sagnay] = 600.00 / 3 = 200.00
Bus [ Nato Port, Sagnay to Naga Van Terminal] = 69.00 each
Van [Naga Van Terminal  to Legazpi Central Terminal] = 180 each
Guijalo Port Terminal = 5.00 each
Breakfast = 162.00 / 3 = 54.00 each
Lunch = 453.00 / 3 = 151.00 each
Snacks = 50.00
Dinner = 130.00 / 3 = 43.00
Workout = tons of sweat
Entrance fee = nada


  1. wow lovely mayon! whats next sa bicol express series? wow I wonder how much you guys spent. interested ako! dream destination ko din to eh ;p


  2. Can you go in the tunnel? Looks like it's locked.
    Good for you, you've seen Mayon Volcano. I've seen it in my elementary text books only.

    1. yes you can but it was closed when we got there.

  3. para kayong istap layt sa isang pic sa mayon! hahahaa

    1. lol. uu nga. rasta flag pa naman sana ang peg namin. eheehe

  4. wow. cloudless nga ang mayon during your visit. congrats. i'll visit legazpi city this weekend. sana cloudless din by that time. the jump shot i saw here is probably the most expressive one i've seen so far anywhere LOL

    1. wahhahaha.. at expressive talaga anoh? :D


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