Whacky Sidetrip: Malapascua Island, Cebu

Photo Bum. ay naku, hindi po yan syokoy.


Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen, we couldn't let any moments pass. 
sunset en route to Malapascua Island.
After our Kalanggaman Island Hullabaloo, a few of us decided to go on a side trip to the Malapascua Island. Dropped of some of our friends at Maya Port then off we go.

We docked at the northern port of the island near Los Bamboos Resort. A clearing with bermuda grass was perfect for us to camp. Hurriedly, we pitched up our tents and cooked dinner thinking that electricity would cut-off soon just like my first time here. Well, boy, was I wrong! The island has a 24-hour power source!

beach bums meet moutaineers.
The night was full of stories and laughter as we share a drink [or was that one too many?]. I was pleased that my EWIT Mountaineering friends are getting along just well with Riz and my highschool friends. These are victorious moments - when 2 different worlds collide but instead of rumbling thunderstorms, positive energy radiate from each individual contributing to the driving energy of the universe. Bow. I believe that says it. The alcohol has already kicked in. Lights out.

Morning came and oh, was it a joy to hear the sound of waves crashing on the beach-break.

Red Arrow indicates our camp site.
Blue Arrow indicates where we went to swim/beach-bum.

salamat Google sa picture.

Whacky Trivia:
Malapascua Island was formerly known as Brgy Logon, a part of the Municipality of Kandaya [now known as Daanbantayan]. The island's current name is derived from Spanish words, Mala Pascua, meaning Bad Easter. It was said that Spaniards called the island such when they got stranded during Christmas due to bad weather. 

Does this look like misfortune to you?
But the island is far from being an island of misfortune. This island is considered as a diver's haven. Its coral array is a sanctuary of different species of marine life, not too mention the infamous thresher sharks and manta rays. The lush underwater life has given a hundred-fold of fortune not only to fishermen but also locals who are into tourism.

This is my 3rd time in the island so it's nice to know that not much has changed from my last visit. By that, I mean, it has not been corrupted with too much of technology. 

After we huddled and agreed to cook breakfast/lunch by the beach, we hurriedly went to the beach around Brgy Langob, the side facing away from Mainland Cebu. The sand is finer compared to the one where the resorts are situated. 

The long shoreline is crude and modest - that with all the seaweeds lying on the sides. It's a residential area so no caretaker is in-charge to clean it. But the water's still clearer and cleaner than the side facing the mainland.


Like fishes about to dry up, we wasted no time. We got into the water and had our dose of saline fix.
ang dolphin dive ni Osang. Verdict=fail.

mali ka. hindi galit si Ton-ton sa sunblock
iwasang mapansin ang makatindig balahibong paa ng iyong lingkod. 

Traced the shoreline and went to 'Bantigue' where there's rock formation and shade. We spent until around 3PM swimming, snorkeling and basking under the heat of the sun.
Osang emote. 





No freshwater readily available to wash the saline out since we didn't book for any of the neighboring resorts. Instead, we had to activate our puss-in-boots eyes and asked locals to give us a go at their deep wells.

It was indeed another trip to remember. I don't think this is my last time. I have to try diving and snorkeling above the sunken ships and shallow coral reefs. I also forgot to ask our local guide, Angel, to bring us to the light house.


Special thanks to Angel for being our tour guide, contact and host.

The Cast

Whacky thoughts:
Though hiring an outrigger to bring us around the island for snorkeling or touring the island's spots [all in one day] would've given us the ultimate high on this Malapascua trip. I realized that it may not be destined for us to do so. For one, we don't have enough time and two, the idea came up as we were about to leave. I'm glad we didn't. Those missed out sidetrips are the reasons that'll bring us back to Malapascua.

Whacky NOTES:
Budget Breakdown:
Transportation from Maya to Malapascua - 80.00
Transportation from Malapascua to Maya - 100.00
Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch - 150.00
Night Socials - 20.00
Afternoon snacks (swaki) - Free!

How to get to Malapascua Island from Cebu City?

  1. Ride a bus bound for Maya from the North Bus Terminal. The Cebu North Bus Terminal is about a half kilometer from SM City Cebu. The bus stops at Maya port, which is also the drop off point for the outrigger boats bound for Malapascua Island. Estimated Travel time: 4 hours++
  2. From Maya port, take a 30-minute (depending on weather conditions) boat ride to Malapascua Island. 
  3. That's it! You have arrived Malapascua Island. ^________^

How did Whacky Adventures* end up in Malapascua? Read the story here:


  1. Woooow holy! Such a beautiful island! I wanna visit it someday. Ü

  2. Thanks for dropping by! and thanks for sharing this link. im actually a fan of your blog :) You'd know on my next blog post on why i regretted going to pandanon island. we shudve went to malapascua or moalboal instead.

  3. :] i had fun reading through your adventures as well. salamat sa pagbisita sa akong tambayan.


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