Discovering Carnaza Island, Cebu

In attendance: [L-R] Pia, Farrah, Jen, Osang, Kaye, Riz, Niiru
It was already 4:00PM when we arrived in Tapilon Port, Daanbantayan. With supplies hurriedly bought from a local convenience store and pent-up excitement for this venture, we made it on the last trip to the island. We asked a local for information and possibly ask for an area where we can set-up camp. She suggested we find shelter at Mr Roger Recla's place as this is where most backpackers stay. Northern winds [just a hunch] started to bring some waves as we board the pumpboat, but this didn't stop us from pushing through our whirlwind plan.

The sun was starting to set when the boat sailed. It was going to be a long and bumpy boat ride. Good thing I had my portable speakers and ipod [borrowed from pia] to ease the tension.

sailing swiftly away...
After grueling 2 hours, touchdown Carnaza Island! [woot! woot!] It was already dark when we set foot on the island. It was good to know that technology has penetrated this humble place. But according to locals, electricity cuts off after 9:00PM. We met Mr Roger Recla, one of the Brgy Councilors of the place and ask permission to camp in his compound. He and his wife were so accommodating and welcoming. It was like we were not strangers to them. We were so happy to have been blessed with such good people. They even allowed us to borrow some of their utensils and use their comfort rooms. Hurriedly, we set-up camp and prepared a meal. Blazed a bonfire by the beach with T5 to calm the nerves and plan out our beach bumming experience the next day. We were all excited how the island looks in the morning because the evening was just magical. Stars are spread like sugar spilled on the table. It was absurd how many twinkling lights are on the heavens. We tucked in in our tents all smiling and excited about the day to come.

lights off.
The next day, we were greeted with Mr Sun's radiant energy and a refreshing view of the beach. It was soothing to see the view that's still far from commercialization. Quick 'vegan' breakfast and off we go to beach bum. Booyeah!

no, hindi gutom si ate peah.
We were all prepping up to get into beach bum mode when Ate Jocelyn [local] approached us and told us to try going to this remote island between Cebu and Masbate. I was about to check with my friends if they want to go but before I can say another word, I saw very big affirming smiles. So off we go to Isla Manoc [later found out what the correct name of the island is as we heard her saying 'Isla Lamanok'].

Carnaza Island is a turtle-shaped, promising yet humble island near Malapascua Island. Foreign and local tourist from Malapascua actually stop by the island to bask and snorkel - proof of how beautiful Carnaza is. It is ideal for beach bums as white sand coasts are spread out partnered with lush and diverse marine life.
to that beach less-travelled. [view of Carnaza, on the way to Isla Manoc]

view on the way to Isla Manoc.
Osmena's Resort. view on the way to Isla Manoc.
On our way back, we stopped by a white sand shoreline with small rock formation on the other side of the island. The water was so clear it was like threading through a newly-cleaned swimming pool. I can see my feet clearly playing through the sandy seabed. It was perfect for snorkeling as you don't have to swim far to see diverse marine life radiantly springing into action.

Of course, the mandatory jump shot.
swimming and eating, our favorite hobby.
pose off.
When we got back, the sun was about to set. We decided to climb a small cliff right beside our 'campsite'. We were awed with the play of colors as the sun slowly sets. It was as romantic as the night that was. It was like watching a movie or a painting. It was that beautiful.

our campsite on the lower right side.
the other side.
picture failed.
sun-kissed and stoked.
shadows goofing off.
It was a bitter-sweet ending. All smiles because it was an adventure to remember, glad to have gone on this adventure but sad as the day is about to end. It was all worth-it. Closed this trip with a promise that we will be back but with a purpose. More on that in future entries.

Beach bums with Nanay and Tatay Recla
Big thank you to the warm people of Carnaza Island for allowing us to experience the island life, and to Tatay and Nanay, Mr and Mrs Roger Recla, who watched over us and showered us with hospitality.

Credits to Farrah for some of the shots taken.

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  1. Thanks for sharing :) So there's a passenger boat going to Carnaza from Tapilon? Any idea what time it leaves? And how much the fare is? Thanks!

    1. Yo, yo Mustachio!

      Sorry for posting this late. Let me know if there's anything else you need. :]

    2. We where their yesterday for the Carnaza bario fiesta we stayed at our relatives their, about the passenger boat from Tapilon to Carnaza it is very scarce, only more pump boats during fiestas, if you are lucky to find passenger boat the fare is only 100 pesos.

      Yesterday we are having hard time finding passenger boat from Carnaza to Tapilon to pick up our other relatives, so we decide to rent the whole boat for 1,500 for the large passenger boat from Carnaza to Tapilon and back to Carnaza.

      We stayed at our relatives their the Pelayo Clan.

  2. Huwaaaw! murag daku2x jud kog na-miss ani dah
    parot nakalimot kag hiyak! lol

  3. Hope you guys will invite more friends to come and discover our beautiful place..

  4. hi i would like to know if how much will it cost to go there and do you happen to have the number of the person's you stayed with..

    1. Hey there! ^___^

      You might wanna check out the FYIs for Carnaza here --


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