Whacky Notes: Carnaza Island Must Know

Here are some information you probably might want to have before going to the island:
  • Destination: Carnaza Island
    • Origin: Cebu City North Bus Terminal. Ride the bus bound for Maya-Kawit or Maya-Bagay. Inform the bus conductor that you're dropping off at Tapilon Port, Daanbantayan Cebu.
      • First Trip to Maya: 2:00AM. Bus are available anytime.
    • Origin: Tapilon Port, Daanbantayan. Ride the outrigger boats going to the island. Note there are no ferry boats going there. Do not hesitate to ask locals where the boats are as some of them do not have signboards. 
      • First Trip to Carnaza is at 7:00AM. Last trip: 4:00PM.
  • Travel time.
    • Bus [Cebu-Tapilon]: 3-4 hours. Make sure to calculate travel time via bus as last trip going to the island is 4:00PM.
    • Outrigger boat [Tapilon-Carnaza]: approximately 2 hours. Expect slightly bigger waves if you travel by the afternoon.
    • Fares.
      • Bus fare ranges between 140-160 pesos from North Bus Terminal. Bring a student ID or senior citizen card for discounts. :]
      • Boat fare is between 80-100 pesos. But it can get cheaper depending on your haggling powers.
      • Accomodation.
        • There's only 1 resort on the island. I don't have their contact information nor their rates though but according to locals, this resort is owned by Lito OsmeƱa.
        • You might want to consider camping out. Bring your tents and find a suitable area to setup camp. Make sure you register in the Brgy Hall or notify the Brgy Captain for safety purposes.
        • Another option is home-stay. If your skin's tougher than usual, try to approach any local and ask to stay in their abode overnight. 
        • Note: Limited electricity, water, comfort rooms.
        • Supplies.
          • There are some local convenient stores [sari-sari stores] scattered around the island. Prices are island prices meaning they are a tad more expensive than the usual.
          • It's wise to bring your own supplies - food, water and toiletries.
          • Portable camping and cooking utensils would be a great idea, otherwise pack up some balls and borrow it from locals.
          • Fresh seafood is available daily. Ask some locals and they would be more than happy to sell some of their fresh catch.
          • Budget Breakdown.
            • Good for 8 people on 2 days-2-nights trip.
            • Contacts:
              • Roger/Neli Recla via Hazel Recla Beloria - 0929.718.9927
                - You can ask permission if you plan to camp out. They are genuinely kind people. Proven and test. :] They'd be more than happy to accommodate. They won't ask for a fee but we gave them anyway to show our gratitude.
            • Itinerary.
              • None. It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of trip.

            Whacky Turn-off:
            We noticed that the locals have not fully organized means on proper residential waste disposal, evident through plastic wraps found in shorelines near residential areas. Human and animal waste do not have proper drainage nor disposal on some household. Some just let it flow to the sea. So before taking a dip, be sure to look around [or smell around]. We learned it the hard way. :P

            Whacky thoughts:
            If you're up for an adventure, I suggest you pack up your backpack, bask under the sun and stars, be one with nature, and camp out to this island less-travelled! 


            1. Complete guide! Muchas gracias!

            2. hey whacky adventures, thank you for dropping by my small blog. and i see that you've met Mustachio too. hehehe.

              i only heard of Carnaza through your blog. too bad because I've only been to the more 'popular' destinations - such as Malapascua, Bantayan and the like. keep the posts coming so that we'll also know more off-the-beaten destinations in Cebu!

              1. PM me if you ever plan to go there. I'll be more than happy to accompany you guys. :D


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