Eat and Smile at Cafe Egao

You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. ― Charles Chaplin

A smile can go a long way. It can make or break someone's day. It can dictate the mood of a person, at the same time, affect the other person through the interaction. And Cafe Egao's all about that.

Cafe Egao is a humble coffee shop located at Buot compound, Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City. It's right beside Julia's Restobar, a few meters from University of San Carlos - Technological Center and The Family Park. Egao is a Japanese term for smile; which is the main thrust of the coffee shop. Indeed, one can't stop but smile after an experience in this humble coffee shop.

A big smile and a sprinkling hello are what would greet you as soon as you step inside the cafe. The staff are like smurfs who never seem to get tired of smiling and radiating a friendly glow. The hospitality is such a big factor in our over-all experience.
Not the actual barista. It's Osang of Abriella in wonderland.
Cafe Egao does not have a big space, accomodating only about 5 tables. But the space is warm enough for chit-chat with close friends, an friendly-get-to-know-you kind of date, and light business meetings. The kitchen's just right beside the counter.

Now, they don't just make good coffee, they also have snacks that have very generous proportions. I'm an extra-2-rice-kind of guy but one serving of their baked penne was enough for me to paint a satisfied grin all over my face. Their pasta's too die for. It's creamy and saucy-er, which is what I like my pasta would be. :)
Egaoyaki Balls
Baked Penne
Although the coffee shop is Japanese-inspired, the snacks they offer are a mix of Italian and Japanese food. The prices are not even top heavy on the pocket - less than 100 pesos! Now that's a good deal, if you ask me.
The Japanese porcelain doll, paintings, tons of Japanese books and ornaments add to the over-all coziness the coffee shop vibrates.

 It's not just a place where you can satisfy your cravings but a place to rest your mind, read and free yourself from the binds of reality. #Deep
I've always been a fan of Japanese culture but over time, I slowly declined a bit after witnessing what's been happening with the dolphins at Taiji. But after an experience Cafe Egao, it has slowly brought back that smile I used to have whenever I think of cherry blossoms.

4 Happy and Smiling customers.

Whacky Adventures* recommends
Cafe Egao
Buot compound, NasipitTalamban, Cebu City
Tess Raguro, manager

Food Styles: Japanese, Pizza, Sandwiches
Specialties: Coffee, Drinks
Services: Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Take Out, Waiter Service, Outdoor Seating


  1. wow. seems a nice place. excited ko mo visit diri dah! FOODTRIP!!!

    1. Indeed it is a place that's cozy and intimate. Adto nya gyud ta ninyo!

  2. Nice discovery! Thanks for sharing. I shall visit this place soon. I want their takoyaki balls :-)

    1. Yum! Also, their baked penne is to die for. Try that one too. :D

    2. So I did visit Cafe Egao last month and I did try their gratin. Nom nom nom. Oh, check out my post, I have a photo inspired by you ahahaha :))

    3. I TOLD TO YOU. ehhehehe
      nakatawa kos picture da.


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